GESI toolkit for project preparation

CRIDF recognises that gender equality and social inclusion is of central concern in water services, water resources management and other productive activities and has therefore adopted a gender and socially-sensitive approach that seeks to improve the project impact, performance and sustainability particularly as it pertains to its pro-poor mandate.

CRIDF has iteratively developed this toolkit to guide its efforts to integrate gender into all stages of the project cycle, with an emphasis on the planning phase. It is informed by practical experiences in preparing water projects in the SADC region. The objective of this toolkit is to provide a simple resource and basic tools for people working on water infrastructure projects to incorporate gender equality considerations into their work.

Full title: GESI toolkit for project preparation
Basin: Multi-basin
Document type: Tool
Date produced: 2019
Produced by: CRIDF
CRIDF phase: CRIDF Phase 2
Length: 64 pages
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File type: PDF