CRIDF Case studies

CRIDF Case studies

The links below provide downloadable case studies which demonstrate the work CRIDF has delivered so far. Together, these offer an overview of the types of project CRIDF can support.


-Working towards regional water, food and energy security through Virtual Water considerations

An overview of CRIDF’s work on Virtual Water

-Integrating climate resilience into infrastructure planning in Southern Africa

An overview of the tools CRIDF applies to integrate climate resilience into its work, including an example from Tanzania

-Managing flood risk in the Incomati Basin: lessons from the enhanced public private cooperation for the region

A description of the work CRIDF has carried out in the Incomati basin to reduce flood risk.

-Water is life in Masvingo, Zimbabwe

An overview of the problems the poor in Masvingo face and the two irrigation schemes CRIDF has implemented to help to alleviate these problems

-Mobilising finance for Swaziland’s Security

A brief description of the work that CRIDF has implemented in Swaziland, which includes mobilising more than £63m for a dam that will secure Swaziland’s security.

-The road to regional climate resilience: SADC’s transboundary River Basin Organisations emerge as an exciting new platform

This two-sided document explains the support CRIDF has provided to the Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission in equitable climate resilient infrastructure planning and delivery.

-CRIDF’s presence in the Save river basin: flowing towards cooperative water management

This case study describes the issues that communities in the Save river basin face and the work CRIDF has done to improve their access to water, as well as achieve transboundary cooperation in the basin.