Highlighting the success of collaboration: CRIDF Country Overview series

Highlighting the success of collaboration: CRIDF Country Overview series

A key to the success of CRIDF’s approach is the way the programme has built strong partnerships with national governments, agencies and river basin authorities. In Malawi, for example, CRIDF’s in-country team works closely with the Government of Malawi through the Central and Southern Regional Water Boards, as well as the Songwe River Basin Commission, to deliver a wide range of projects. The results include building climate resilience for smallholder farmers, as well as improving water supply systems for rural communities.

These partnerships and collaborative projects are highlighted in CRIDF’s Country Overview series which has been recently updated to include information about a range of new activities in Southern Africa.

Updating the Country Overviews

How have CRIDF projects impacted the climate resilience of river basin communities in Botswana? In what ways are vulnerable populations in Angola benefiting from the work CRIDF is doing with Okavango River Basin Water Commission? These are the types of questions that the CRIDF Country Overviews answer.

These documents are designed to provide a ‘snapshot’ of CRIDF projects in each Southern African Development Community country. With numerous activity streams across the region, including transboundary initiatives spanning multiple countries, the CRIDF Country Overviews have been created to make it easy for anyone with an interest in a specific country to see what the Facility has done or is currently doing.

Demonstration projects approach

CRIDF’s ‘demonstration projects’ approach is about working with partners to identify which projects will have the greatest potential to improve the lives of the poor and address climate change in the long term. CRIDF works directly with agencies and authorities to provide technical advice and capacity building to ensure projects are successful.

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