How do I use the Resource Centre?

How do I use the Resource Centre?

The CRIDF Resource Centre has been built to be intuitive and easy to use. It has a powerful search function to help you find the resources you are looking for.

Type text into the search box to search within documents for specific words and phrases. Refine the search by selecting one or multiple filters; these allow you to search by basin, type of resource, date produced, CRIDF phase and who produced it. We will be adding to the filters you can use to narrow your search as we develop the Resource Centre. You can also use the filters independently of the search box.

What is next for the Resource Centre?

This is Phase 2 of the CRIDF Resource Centre. Over the next few months, we will be rolling out subsequent phases with more resources and more functionality.

Resources related to other basins will be added to the site as follows:

Phase 3: Cuvelai, Kunene, Ruvuma

During the roll-out of the CRIDF Resource Centre, the temporary resource library will remain live on the CRIDF website. By the end of April, all the resources in the library will have been transferred to the Resource Centre and the temporary library will be taken down.
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