Welcome to the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF)

Finding solutions to water problems that affect the poor

We’re working to help governments and businesses in Southern Africa find long-term solutions that will benefit some of the poorest people on earth.

Creating a cooperative environment for economic development

We’re developing and guiding cooperation in the water sector across national borders to enable Southern Africa’s economy to grow.

Laying the foundations for independence from water aid in Southern Africa

Long-term solutions to water management require work to build the capacity of institutions to plan, finance and develop infrastructure.

Finding long-term solutions to inter-country water management that will benefit some of the poorest people in the world

Water resources like rivers cross country borders. Engineering solutions need to be backed up by fair policy if Southern Africa’s water is to be used efficiently.

Helping to prevent water-related conflicts that could kill millions

Without proper planning and policy now, experts predict that water-related conflicts are going to become more and more common in Southern Africa.

Giving Southern Africa’s water engineering community the skills it needs to build essential infrastructure

We’re sharing best-practice tools with local engineers so that ownership of water infrastructure projects is kept local. Our training will also mean that local people will be able to predict, manage and mitigate the impacts of extreme climate events.

Helping to bring about change through the private sector

Ultimately, solving water infrastructure problems will depend on private sector investment. By the end of this programme we will have mobilised £55 million of new private investment in the water sector.

Women in Africa have to walk 6 km on average every day just to fetch water

This keeps them in poverty by limiting their ability to do other things like growing food or earning an income. Stable water infrastructure will change this.

What we do

The Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) is a UK-Aid funded programme. A major aim of CRIDF is to work with governments, businesses and other organisations in the Southern African Region to scope and design key transboundary water projects using best practice in order to ensure that they are both pro-poor, and fundable/bankable investment opportunities.

Where we work

CRIDF engages with projects across 12 countries in Southern Africa. Use our interactive map to find out more about the work we do by country.

Adding value

Adding value

We aim to mobilise £55 million of new investment for long-term water solutions from the private sector, governments and other sources working in Southern Africa.

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Building capacity

Building capacity

Our technical services provide the multidisciplinary skills needed to improve climate adaptation and resilience in infrastructure planning.

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Our aims and approaches

Our aims and approaches

Our aim is to help put in place the skills needed to ensure that Southern Africa can efficiently manage its shared water resources.

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Find out more about CRIDF’s Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Toolkit