Mobilising finance for Swaziland’s water security

This case study describes CRIDF’s role in mobilising more than US$63 million in financing for the Nondvo Dam, which is critical to securing the water supply for Swaziland’s main cities of Mbabane and Manzini. CRIDF was asked by the African Water Facility to join a mission appraising the dam. This appraisal took place in May 2015, and estimated the cost of the Nondvo Dam Project at US$150 million. The Facility further mobilised over US$1.6 million in funding to carry out a full feasibility study, in which CRIDF applied its Climate Change Risk Assessment Protocol.

Full title: Mobilising finance for Swaziland’s water security
Basin: Maputo
Document type: Case study
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Produced by: CRIDF
CRIDF phase: CRIDF Phase 1
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