Procurement and contractor management at CRIDF

Before projects can be implemented, goods, services and works need to be procured. Since 2013, the Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development Facility (CRIDF) has procured £10.3 million worth of construction works spread across 21 individual project sites in eight Southern African countries. These works have covered the construction of a wide range of water-based facilities, including boreholes, small dams, pipelines, water treatment facilities and solar-powered pumping and irrigation systems. Over the same period, CRIDF has procured services for 25 project sites across nine countries, including hydrogeological and geotechnical investigations as well as aerial and bathymetric surveys.

Full title: Procurement and contractor management at CRIDF
Document type: Brochure, Case study
Date produced: 2023
Produced by: CRIDF
CRIDF phase: CRIDF Phase 3
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