Upping the flow: CRIDF’s work in Tanzania’s Makonde Plateau

Watch this animation to find out how CRIDF supported it’s partners to improve the water supply in Tanzania’s Makonde Plateau.

The Makonde Plateau supports 500,000 people across many scattered homesteads and four small towns. It is an area of high rainfall, but there is little surface water and groundwater is located too deep to be easily accessible. When CRIDF first identified Makonde as an appropriate project for improvement of water infrastructure, about 90% of its population was connected to the Makonde Water Supply and Sanitation Authority, but only 40% received intermittent supply.

Following rehabilitation of the Mitema Wellfields, completed in November 2017, the Water Supply Upgrades project sought to boost the reliability of the water supply and increase distribution capacity. The £1.4 million contract included rehabilitation of the aeration towers and water tanks, replacement of pumping and dosing equipment, and duplication of over 8 kilometres of pipelines so the increased production capacity could be delivered to settlements across the Makonde Plateau.

Full title: Upping the flow: CRIDF’s work in Tanzania’s Makonde Plateau
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Date produced: 2021
Produced by: CRIDF
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